It listens to the needs of sick children and their parents and pays careful attention to the problems that the medical and nursing staff face in exercising their duties, continuously taking new initiatives to face and overcome them.

In this context:

  • It created the programme for Twinning the Children’s Oncology Unit with large paediatric and general hospitals abroad for the exchange of knowledge and experience, to ensure that the medical services provided are always based on new scientific data.
  • It continues to enhance the operation of the Unit with sponsorships and donation for supplementary medical equipment and furnishings, to cover potential shortages of pharmaceuticals and other supplies, and it finances the hiring of doctors and nurses. Goal: The smooth operation of the Unit based on the highest international standards
  • It established a kindergarten, an elementary school, and a middle school in the Children’s Oncology Unit, so that children who are being treated can feel that their life is continuing normally, for the most part just like before, as will also be the case when they return home.
  • It created a psychosocial support department which looks into and resolves psychological, financial, and practical problems that sick children and their families face during the course of their treatment.
  • Inaugurated the Holy Church of Saint Anne, which is donated by the Vardis I. Vardinoyannis family, to the Children’s Oncology Unit .